Get Selene
  Collect all nine Sages and go to the Moon Palace. Use each of the Sages' powers to break the spells. Then, equip the Moon Sword on Arty and use all of the Sages' Sword Spells. Go to the gate and fight Earth Seed. One hit from the sword should destroy him. Make sure Arty is at level 65 or higher, and use Cele's Pearl Fist if necessary. Talk to Luna to open a portal. Then, use the Hero Stone and Luna will become Selene. Her spells are Moon Sword, Energy Lift, and High Sky, and are very powerful.


  - 行星地图 -
  I = 完成当前的计划
  O = 行星的人口数最大
  R = 控制异形殖民地
  SHIFT + M = 最大人口数加1
  T = 在无人居住的行星上创建殖民地
  - 研究画面 -
  E = 完成当前的计划
  O = 获得所有研究
  - 星际地图 -
  1-7 = 在王国之间循环切换
  8 = 显示星际之间的航道
  ALT + E = 窃取科技
  C = 显示星际的状态
  L = 显示所有航道
  S = 显示所有星体
  Unlimited Planetary Shielding
  For this, you need a planet with one orbital shield (or megashield, for that matter) already built and at least one free population unit. As soon as some alien ship enters the system, go to the planetary screen and start building another orbital shield (or megashield). Go to the system screen and press the "time advance" button (a clock with an arrow). The alien ship will do one move. Press again, it will do another move. Continue pressing until it has fired the first shot at your planet. When the alien ship fires at the planet, the first thing that will be destroyed is the shield being built! (unfortunately, it will be destroyed by the first shot, no matter how lame the weapon being used) Since the alien ship will not fire again unless we press the "time advance" button, we go to the planetary screen again and start building our shield again (the population unit building the shield is not killed when the shield-in-construction is destroyed, it merely becomes free again). Now we press "time advance again", the ship fires, we rebuild the shield... repeat until the enemy ship has no more ammo or energy. You'll have to re-do this every turn, until reinforcements arrive (or until your own planetary weapons have destroyed the attacker)... quite time-consuming, but it can save your colony.
  Know Your Planets:
  Each planet in the game is labeled according to category. Some are self-evident; some are not. Many players may find it helpful to know what's what, so here's a quick run-down on the various categories and their significance, in alphabetical order:
  Cathedral Planet: exceptionally well suited for research projects, almost a quarter of these worlds' surfaces will be composed of blue (research-favorable) squares.
  Chapel Planet: Expect about 40 percent black squares (unusable until they're terraformed); of the remainder, blue squares may outnumber other types.
  Congenial Planet: About 80 percent of the surface will be suitable for development, with a random scattering of red, green, blue, and white squares.
  Cornucopia Planet: These are rare but exceedingly valuable worlds, with no black squares at all. A typical Cornucopia Planet will comprise about one-third red, one-third blue, and one-third green squares.
  Eden Planet: Good for general, balanced development, these planets will have no black squares, lots of white squares, and a smattering of random specialty squares.
  Husk Planet: As the name implies, these are dead worlds (all black squares). They are often sites for alien artifacts, however, and so may be worth a visit. Also, in the more advanced stages of the game, they can be terraformed, although they will usually be of only marginal worth even then.
  Mining Planet: while almost half of these planets are black, the remaining squares are usually red and white, favoring industrial development.
  Primordial Planet: A "yin-yang" kind of world: half black, half white. Having a colony here is better than not having one, but if there's even a marginally better world in the system, and you only have one colonizer module, pass these by.
  Rich Planet: Thirty to 40 percent black squares, 30 percent white squares, the rest pretty evenly divided among red, blue, and green.
  Super Mining Planet: These planets are at least 20 percent red squares, and about 20 percent black; the remainder is mostly white.
  Tycoon Planet: Almost 50 percent of these worlds comprise bonus squares of red, blue, and green, usually framed with white. Little, if any, dead space.
  Hey, Bud, Let's Party!
  Some of you may wonder, as I did, if there is any purpose, other than the sheer hell of it, for instituting "Endless Party" on a colony. Well, obviously, if your colonists are having fun, their "prosperity" rating increases. But there's a subtler factor at work, too. If a colony's population is stagnant and you can't figure out why, try throwing an "Endless Party" for a few weeks. The resulting planet-wide hanky-panky may cause that population curve to start rising again.
  Research, Research, and More Research
  Obviously, balance is the key to success in Ascendancy -- in the three prime areas of research, industry, and prosperity. But I would suggest plunging into research early and pushing it hard; harder than the other two areas. That's because a seemingly small, insignificant, lag in research can grow exponentially as certain types of game unfold. When warfare breaks out, you can't afford to have, say, a "plasmatron gap" between you and your opponent. Of course, numerical superiority in ships can offset inferior weaponry, but given the time and expense of building a large fleet, that's a risky and improbable circumstance.
  "Well, Isn't That Special?!"
  One of the game's most interesting features is the "Special Ability" given to each species. It's fun to use your special ability, because it makes you feel, well, special. But note well: the game informs you when your species has accumulated enough SAPs (Special Ability Points) to do the hoo-doo that you do so well, but you don't have to use it at that time. In fact, for many species, timing may be a critical ingredient of a winning strategy. For example: Take the Chamachies. Their SAPs permit them to complete any currently-feasible research project in 24 hours. If you're playing this species, and the game notifies you that your SAPs are on line, immediately consult the Research Tree. You may be 30 days away from reaching your current research goal, but farther down the tree, you see a quantum-leap discovery that's, say, 240 days away. Just be patient and let the clock run out on the current project, then evoke your Special Ability. You've just saved yourself 210 days of research time. Analogous situations will arise for other species.
  Hey, Buddy, What's the Hurry?
  Sure, it's fun to vaporize enemy ships, invade their colonies, and plunder their technology, but there's a lot to be said for a passive, laid-back strategic posture. Exploration ships are not likely to draw hostile attention; heavily armed warships carrying invasion modules most certainly will.
  Don't worry if your empire ranks second or even third in the number of colonies. Your more warlike neighbors will not perceive you as a threat, and quite often you can sit back and watch the bigger empires tear each other to pieces without risking your own precious colonies. Later on, if you're of a mind, you can pick up some of the pieces at greatly diminished risk.
  And don't go planting colonies in a system that some other species has already colonized, unless and until you're able to back up the perceived threat with lots of firepower. Even in a "Peaceful" or "Neutral" atmosphere, claim-jumping arouses suspicion and dries up potentially fruitful diplomatic opportunities. A passive posture invites diplomatic contact and a more liberal exchange of information -- particularly in the research area.
  Keeping a low profile, of course, doesn't mean being weak. Strong defenses, a good mix of Surface Mega Shields and Long Range Orbital Whoppers should enable to you decimate and repel any invasion force smaller than the Spanish Armada. Once you've given a would-be invader a bloody nose and vaporized half-a-dozen Enormous-class ships, you'll probably be left alone for a long, long time.
  The Zen-Garden, or "Navel of the Universe," Strategy
  We have it on good authority (from a source close to The Logic Factory) that it's possible, under certain rare circumstances, to win the game without ever leaving your home planet. We just wanted toss that in as a teaser, because it might well be the ultimate challenge for the Ascendancy addict who's looking for a very strange and unique gaming experience. Lotsa luck.

Asghan: The Dragon Slayer

  General tip:
  By using the mouse you can get a better aim. Try to use the explosive and spray arrows to take out distant enemies. Also you can swing a cliff by space + down, keeping space + left or right. I only haven't been able to use the cauldron to brew a potion.
  I recently bought a Monster Fusion (Banshee), which can't be Alt-Tab switched to Windows. So I had to hack in "software render" mode with WinHack 2.0 and hex editing in my "3dfx" save game. The memory addresses are for the "software render" version and the save game addresses for the "3dfx" version. They are stored in the same way. Don't get too greedy as higher values may crash the game. So I've tested them with the values in (). For the proper names see the language files (
  Health can be hex searched by xx 00 2C 01 and arrows by 02 00 02 00 xx. Add 143000 to the memory and 2100 to the save game addresses. The addresses shift in the save game as it grows in size. The same happens in memory after restoring your game. Thus the actual addresses may differ. Find one and you've got the rest. The gaps will be filled in later.
  B1C | 1028 - Green health bar (100)
  B20 | 102C - Gold (50)
  B22 - Red oxygen bar? (<300)
  5AC | AB8 - Life potions (5)
  5BA | AC6 - Apples (5)
  5C8 | AD4 - Bottles of rum (5)
  ?? - Brown mushrooms?
  5E4 | AF0 - Meat
  5F2 | AFE - Red mushroom
  Magic spells:
  5AE | ABA - Charges Fireball spell (13)
  5BC | AC8 - Protective armour (9)
  794 | CA0 - Normal arrows (50)
  796 | CA2 - Magic arrows (50)
  798 | CA4 - Multiple arrows (50)
  79A | CA6 - Explosive arrows (50)
  79C - Gold arrows (didn't work in the Cliffs of Kyrk)
  7A2 | CAE - Spiked balls (50)
  Cauldron ingredients:
  5AA | AB6 - Brown mushrooms (6)
  5B8 | AC4 - Green mushrooms (6)
  5C6 | AD2 - Shells (6)
  5D4 | AE0 - Bat wings (6)
  5E2 | AEE - Skulls (6)

Asheron's Call

  *ATOYOT* - character 蹦跳和立定都很有趣:(象旧丰田商业时代的男演员)
  *YMCA* - character'的手发出火花,并且跳村民们的“YMCA”舞,身后拖着一条发光的轨迹。
  *TEAPOT* - character 唱“我是一个小茶壶”的歌
  *SNOWANGEL* - character 做一个雪天使
  *MOCK* -角色笑着指
  *AKIMBO* -角色笑着将手放在臀部 *AFK* - causes character to float in the air in a sitting position
  *MEDITATE* - your guy ponders life for a while
  *PLEAD* - your guy pleads for mercy
  Hunter's Leap的坐标
  35.7N, 32.6E
  还包括 'Lillitha's Bow'
  The Halls Of the Helm的坐标
  18.7N, 1.6E
  还包括 'Superior Helm' 和'Fiery Shield'
  Tip: Be sure to go through the tutorial dungeon until you're comfortable with the keyboard and the interface. The target monsters in there give experience (though not much), and you'll receive a useful item at the end.
  Tip: Learn to recognize the early warning signs of impending lag, one of which is that your character suddenly appears to be running through jello. When in the wilderness, immediately stop running until the lag storm passes, and if you're in combat, get away as soon as possible.
  Tip: When adventuring far from towns, or in potentially hazardous areas, always have the map screen open (press F10 to bring it up). Keep an eye on your coordinates, especially when you're in combat; if you die, jot down the location where you died so you can find your corpse.
  Tip: The most useful keys for searching for your corpse are the bracket keys ([ ]). These will cycle through all the inanimate objects within your range, including your corpse, should you be near. Also, when you're running through the wilderness, you'll sometimes come across the most amazing items just lying on the ground.
  Tip: Always attempt to identify a monster you haven't fought before you get into combat with it. Click on the monster, and press E (for Examine) or click the magnifying glass. Even if you don't get the statistics, you'll always get the level.

Asterix & Obelix: Take on Caesar

  To London(Act 3)
  dog: girl: wizard: asterix
  To The Swiss Frontier(Act 5)
  asterix: obelix: dog: wizard
  To The Mountains(Act 7)
  dog: chief: girl: wizard
  To Piraeus(Act 9)
  girl: chief: obelix: dog
  To Olympia(Act 11)
  girl: dog: chief: wizard
  To The Desert(Act 13)
  dog: girl: wizard: chief
  To The Desert Camp(Act 15)
  asterix: obelix: dog: chief
  To The Pirate Ship(Act 17)
  girl: asterix: dog: obelix
  To The Roman Camp(Act 19)
  girl: chief: dog: obelix
  The last level is The Bull Fight(Act 20) and you have to get through The Roman Camp to get to the Bullfight....

AstroRock 2000

  kickass  所有的枪
  togotforme  选关
  outofbubblegun  BFPG9000
  morebullets  加快开火速度
  fps  帧速

ATF:Advanced Tactical Fighter


ATF Gold



Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Trial By Fire

  fly 1 - 飞行
  all tools 1 - 所有的工具

Atlantis 2

  --- Solution Mandalas ---
  Mandala 1 : numero 4
  Mandala 2 : numero 6
  Mandala 3 : numero 5
  Mandala 4 : numero 1
  Mandala 5 : numero 3
  Mandala 6 : numero 2





Avery Cardoza's Casino 2000

  因为预先设置了为每一次游戏选择特有的数字,所以只要将你的钟向后拨5分钟就可以在“past game”中看到获取胜利的数字了。


  god = 无敌模式
  weapons = 所有武器
  healthr = 恢复弹药
  ammo = 弹药

Axis & Allies

   出版商:Hasbro Interactive

Axis Arena

  Go to the skirmish level selection menu. Hold [Left Ctrl] + [Right Alt] + [Page Up] for about one second. Go back to the main menu, and then go to "Arm Center". You should have every part and weapon available. Note: This also unlocks every level and round in skirmish mode.
  Big heads:
  Press [Enter] during game play, type give me a big head, then press [Enter] again. To return to normal size, press [Enter] during game play, type get my head back, then press [Enter] again.
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